Friday, June 22, 2012

Furnas - the hot spring town

Oh Furnas! Loved this town, next time I am coming to the Azores I will definitely spend some time here. The town has everything a small island town would need. A hot spring pools, botanical gardens, a lake, a natural hot steam kitchen, and much more. 

Po├ža da Beija  

If anyone ever plans to go to the Azores, Poca da Beija is definitely a necessary place to stop by. There are three naturally warm pools with different water levels. l recommend coming here early as it fills up during the day, while in the morning we had one of the pools all to ourselves. It costs 2, and don't have anything white, as a little bit of white will naturally turn orange. Well unless you are going for the natural orange color on your clothes. 

Lagoa das Furnas - and the hot steams

Furnas lake is one of the three major lakes on the island. The walk from the town to the lake is about half hour, maybe even less depending where you start. By the northern tip of the lake there is a naturally boiling water location. This is where a lot of restaurants cook their 'stew' that they later serve at different restaurants across town. We went to Tony's as it was widely praised by all the residents of the island as well as visitors. You can see the way they prepare the pot on their restaurant website. 

Careful it's hot!
The stew pot is in there!
Naturally boiling water

The meal - of pork, potatoes, and veggies



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