Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Task

Just decided to write what am I actually doing in Copenhagen for 7 weeks. I am participating in a summer design program with Danish Institute for Study Abroad. The program evolves around lectures, studios, and travel study tours, with minimum free time, lots of work, but fantastic experiences. As of right now we are in our final week of studio work, and our presentations start next Monday. 
Short syllabus summary

I am working on an adaptation of a beer packing and later straw storing building that belongs to Carlsberg brewery. My individual program consists of creating a farmers market and community gardens with some designated room for a restaurant and community cooking room. The idea is to create a space for people rather than machines and to bring out the contrast between industry and nature. So wait a week for a summary about my project.

Carlsberg brewery building

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hedmark Museet - Norway

Hedmark Museum is a place to experience local architecture. With its collection of different buildings it shows a progresion of our thinking. The main part of the museum incorporates modern elements, providing a great contrast in materials, but also structural thinking. The ruins of the cathedral are covered by new glass structure, that represents the monumentality the cathedral once had. 

Ruins of the Cathedral
Ruins of the Cathedral

Glass Cathedral

Friday, July 22, 2011

Norway Opera House

Norway Opera House designed by Snohetta it is probably the greatest building of Oslo, as if depicts everything Norway is about. Follow the pictures of the walk on, in and out of the Opera House.


Museum of Contemporary Art - Oslo

Art - always inspiring so here are some selected photos from the museum.

assume vivid astro focus VIII: «Crushed Cigarette Packs, Ceiling Cocktail, Garden X», 2004–2009
The picture does not change - or does it?

assume vivid astro focus VIII: «Crushed Cigarette Packs, Ceiling Cocktail, Garden X», 2004–2009, installation
Louise Bourgeois: «CELL VIII», 1998. Metal, tapestry, fabric, marble and steel. 274,3 x 335,2 x 254 cm. Photo: Peter Bellamy, courtesy Cheim & Read, New York
Else Marie Hagen: «Cover», 2010, installation
William Kentridge: «History of the Main Complaint», 1996, video projection, 5:38 min
Per Maning: «To Oscar», 1996, video projection, loop
Maria Serebriakova: «Untitled»
Christian Boltanski: «Shadow Theatre», 1984, installation
Ilya Kabakov: «The Garbage Man (The Man Who Never Threw Anything Away)», 1988–1995
Bjarne Melgaard: «New love, old paint … (Dedicated to Margaux Hemingway) Make me clean again: Some pain poems, the universe according to Paul Gaugin, sex in the artworld and one week of complete misery…», 1996–1997, installation
Per Barclay: «Untitled», 1993, installation
Anish Kapoor: «When I am Pregnant», 1992–1998, sculpture
Jon Gundersen: «Vann på vei mot havet», 2007, installation
Water ...

Maria Serebriakova: «Untitled»
What is supporting what? 

A lamp in a metal room ... now imagine the temperature in there.

Oslo - Aker Brygge

An overnight cruise from Copenhagen took us to Norway, at the moment one of the richest countries in Europe. The first thing we saw was Aker Brygge - a new harbor urban development. The idea behind the entire plan is to develop a neighborhood for people and the entertainment. To start rethinking the way we have treated harbors, and make them more people/fun accessible rather then industry/work.  

The City Hall - a massive but very detailed building

Pictures from the Copenhagen - Oslo Cruise

Wind-turbines of Denmark


Poetic Sea

Castle that inspired Shakespeare to write Hamlet

Towns on the way

Caught in action


Approach to Norway


Bagsvaerd Church

Since I decided to blog about churches and their architecture here is another one Bagsvaerd Church by Jørn Utzon (best known for designing Sydney Opera House). Probably the most interesting church I have seen so far, because as you can see on the pictures it does not look like a church, but rather a factory. But although the shape of the exterior is straight forward the interior completely surprises with its organic shapes and natural light, adding a certain poetic quality to the space. (pictures and sections here)

Grundtvigs Kirke

One of the most known churches in the city built in 1913-40, Grundtvings Kirke indicates a modernistic approach to Gothic. This church combines two different styles by using brick and details of expressionism, but taking monumentality and verticality from gothic. This is definitely a different church design!