Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Things I do on a weekend

Since I am participating in an architectural program here in Copenhagen they don't give us much room to breathe or to explore on our own. But that said this entire past weekend we got to create this sick model of Koldinghus in a team of four people.

A little more history about Koldinghus if interested please read: It always have been a royal palace since the Middle Ages, throughout the years and centuries the castle has been added on and expanded. In 1808 it burned down and slowly became a ruin with no particular use. Today it is a museum that showcases art as well as the history of the castle itself. The castle is brick bus as you see in the model they added a mask that is made out of wood to emphasize the difference between the old and the new. The roof was also destroyed in the fire so when they build a new one the columns started to represent trees that used to grow in the ruin. The "leaves" in the middle (that took forever to build) create a modern take on the vaulted ceiling, but also add an interesting notion to the space. Here are some more pictures

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