Saturday, June 25, 2011

Modern Amsterdam

 Silodam - MVRDV's famous building is located in a new part of the city, but from my experience also the most calm one. The picture was taken from the beach located off the dog park.
 Located at Westerdoksplein 20, Ateliers Westerdok was designed by De Architekten Cie. The cantilevered part of the building is gesturing a church located on the other side of a rail road, emphasizing the thoughtful design this building has. 

The Python Bridge (Pythonburg) is located on Borneo Islands. The concave shape of the bridge creates a new high experience, so definitely walk this bridge if you ever get to this part of the city.

This island is definitely a must see for anyone who appreciates contemporary architecture. It houses "The Whale" building. 
"The Whale" building also by De Architekten Cie does emirate the shape of a whale. The size of the building is also overwhelming, especially when compared to the contemporary row houses surrounding it.

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